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Our Partners

About us


Our story began in 2009, back then we were a low scale insurance agency providing basic consultation. After 8 years of using the traditional building method, in 2017, we decided to change and recreate our business building platform into a business network franchise system. Today, we have tripled our sales force and production performance. Our motto, if you want more, better and different from the current. You have to be willing to change.


Our Vision, is to invite and assist more business owners to expand their performance by providing them the proven franchise system model with Wealth360.


Our Mission, every day we walk into the office with one thing in mind, build another successful business leader today and to provide a holistic financial plan to another individual or family. Ethnic diversification is our strength, in this unity we forge to help all Malaysian to become a successful financial-preneur!

Our Partners

Jestine Ong
Fathiah Mustafa
Norisha Abd Gafur
David Leong
Vikneswary Kupasamy
Satishraj Manokara
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